Creating Multiple Links in Category

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Ok, say I have a category called ‘state1’, which is linked to another category ‘state2’ in another matrix. Now say I have separate ‘state3’ category in a 3rd matrix, which has the same data and format as the first ‘state1’ category.

How do I keep the link between ‘state1’ and ‘state2’, while creating another link to ‘state3’ by right clicking on the category.



If I understand you correctly, you can first “unlink” the category in Matrix3 which will create a state dimension identical to the one with which it is linked. Then you can “link” that new category to the one in Matrix2.

Does that do the trick for you?

It is possible that Quantrix could provide a feature that would allow “relinking” a category that is already linked – which would save a step in this scenario.



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