Item names with numbers in them.

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I have a formula like this where the item needs a category as there are many references to it. This formula generates a syntax error after Creditors-Trade. How can I correct this please? Is this something to do with having a number in the item?

‘Creditors-Trade’.219 Vat on cost centre expenses from cost centre worksheet = -round(Cost Centres::All Centres:Cash Summary.Vat.Vat on purchases ,0)


Hello Gilbert:

Thanks for your post.

You are correct in that using a number for an item name is causing the problem. I am guessing the file you are working with is an import of a Lotus Improv file?

Reason being is that Improv files that use numbers for item names, and the item names are grouped, the import is not happening quite right. In Quantrix, the numbers need to escaped with single quotes:

So if you change the start of the formula to:

‘Creditors-Trade’.’219′ Vat on cost centre expenses from cost centre worksheet =

The syntax error should go away.

Hope this helps!


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