Quantrix Dynamic HTML Export File


Greetings Quantrix Forum Users:

Attached to this post is the Quantrix model file used to create the dyanmic HTML export located here:


In this multidimensional statistical analysis using data provided by the United States Census bureau, you can easily compare the projected population growth rates of China and the United States by dragging and dropping the category tiles to the row, column and filter trays. You can do all of this within your web browser!

To export one of your Quantrix Model files to HTML, do the following:

1. With the file you want to export open in Quantrix, choose File –> Export off the menu.

2. In files of type, choose HTML then type in the name of the file to be exported.

3. Click Export

To view: Locate the file in a windows explorer or internet explorer session and double click it.

Quantrix export to HTML is one of the many powerful features found in Quantrix Modeler.