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Greetings Quantrix Forum Community:

Some visitors to Quantrix.com have expressed an interest on running Quantrix Modeler in an OS X environment.

I would like to share with you that one of our pre-release purchasers has successfully installed Quantrix on Mac hardware using a product called Virtual PC for Mac. Virtual PC allows you to run applications designed for the Microsoft Windows Platform on your Mac computer. More information can be found at the Apple web site:


We are still gauging market interest in porting Quantrix to the OSX platform. However, this is a possible solution for those of you on OS X to start using Quantrix now.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions regarding Quantrix Modeler.



We are pleased to announce that a Quantrix version compatible with Mac OS X is now available for public Beta Download.

Our initial group of OS X Alpha evaluators gave Quantrix a thorough test drive, and we incorporated many of their suggestions into this OS X Beta version.

You can download the installation image at:


We are looking forward to your feedback on this version!



Update on our OS X Plans.

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out an Alpha testing version of Quantrix on OS X to the people who have previously indicated an interest in seeing Quantrix on this platform. We will be looking for this group to exercise the Quantrix port to OS X and to provide feedback and suggestions.

If you would like to participate in this early access Alpha program, please email [email:1c1nev16]info@quantrix.com[/email:1c1nev16].




I too am an OS X user who would be ecstatic with Qunatrix on OS X. I use a Powerbook w/ 1GB of memory also, and although Virtual PC has its place, a native app would allow the use of several open windows for modeling views.

I also want to thank Quantrix for even considering the port, as we Mac users are still a happy few when compared to our more popular cousin.


Welcome to the Quantrix Forums Phillip! We are seriously considering an OS X port sooner rather than later. Recently we have had significant interest from OS X users regarding seeing Quantrix on this platform.

The more we hear from OS X users, the easier this decision becomes. Keep the posts coming!



Hello Mike,

My first post here.

Quantrix on Mac OS X? Yes please.

I would throw out all my PCs if I could. And I’m not alone.

Given the nature of the product, I imagine the Mac community is a natural place you will find users Quantrix users.

Any plans?



Dear Mike,

We have a mixed OS X, Windows environment. While using OS X I have installed a trial version of Quantrix Modeler on OS X using the VPC emulation.

It is working quite well (PowerBook G4 with 1 GHz and 1 GByte RAM). It could be faster but because you are requesting a P IV with 1.5 GHz minimum I didn’t expect to much.

I realized a lot of you code is based on Java. Therefore I presume it is not to difficult to port it to OS X. In terms of market we would be very interested to have versions for both environments (for convenience and speed).

Quantrix Modeler is a great product (as Improv has been a long time ago) and we looking forward to new releases.

– Raoul