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Can Quantrix read linked tables in Access?

We have this structure where our Access data files are stored in one database, and the queries and report forms are stored in another database. We create tables linked back to the ‘data only’ database and do our work on the second database. This is to limit chances of data corruption.

When Quantrix looks at the ‘workspace’ database, it does not appear to recognize the linked tables? Is there a way to see them? If not, then I would have to link to the original ‘data’ database?



Hello – Thank you for your post.

I can see that the ODBC driver does not seem to see linked tables in Access. It seems to be an ODBC driver issue as other applications like Excel and Crystal Reports can’t see the linked tables either.

However, it looks like if you create a Query in Access, and that Query pulls in all the data from the linked table, this Query is read by the ODBC driver and therefore becomes available in a Quantrix DataLink process.

So build a Query and you should be able to work with this linked table data. Hope this helps!


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