Improv Importing

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I have just downloaded the beta and are extremely anxious to try it out.

I wanted to try and import an existing Improv sheet I use. It’s about 4 mb in size and when I save it in imx form it grows to 32MB. When I try to import it, the program seems to choke on it’s size. It’s been over 30 minutes and it still hasn’t loaded it up.

A) Is there a limit to the import file size ?
B) Any suggestions for reducing the base file size ? Will reducing the number of Improv views and/or charts help?

Appreciate any help. I’ve loved Improv since it came out but because of it’s discontinuance we have migrated all applications over to Excel except for this one.


Hello Tom,

Thank you for your post. It is always great to see users of Lotus Improv find our product.

The biggest thing that affects the performance in the beta version of Quantrix Modeler is the number of formulas you have and the corresponding number of cells it is trying to calculate. Quantrix 1.0 is designed to handle models of hundreds of thousands of cells, with a maximum of one million cells. Future versions of Quantrix Modeler will increase the maximum file size requirements for the models as we fine tune the performance of the application.

That being said, a couple of suggestions to make the import process easier with a model file of this size. (Save your current Lotus Improv file aside first of course!)

1. Delete the extra views for each worksheet and stick with the main view or view-1 for each worksheet. It is very easy to recreate the views again in Quantrix once imported. This should help in reducing the shear size of the .imx file.

2. If this is a large file with history information, you may want to consider purging some of the history to get under the 1 million cell count.

3. Make sure your formulas are efficient in your model and that you don’t have any extra unneeded formulas calculating cells in the model.

If none of these suggestions help please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss further. If possible, we may ask for a copy of the Improv file for debugging purposes.

Thank you for your interest in our product!