Number formatting issue

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I have some data that I am copyping from Excel to a Quantrix matrix. The text that I am having problems with is section numbers like xx.x.x.x and so forth. When a column of section numbers are copied into a matrix, only some of them covert correctly. Some cells still remain as numbers even after formating them as text in Quantrix. And, some section numbers like 14.2.5 in Excel become -692090 even if I format the cell as text.

It looks like two digit section numbers (xx.x) become numbers, three digit section numbers (xx.x.x) get converted to some large numbers, and four digit section numbers (xx.x.x.x) paste just fine.

Is this a bug? Or, can you please suggest a work-around or a fix? Thanks!

Let me know if you need to see the actual model and the spreadsheet that I am working with. Thanks.


Thanks for the work-around. I would appreciate the fix in the next patch. It is kind of weird why Quantrix is forcing it to be in date format when the user is applying a text format …. Thanks.

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