Modeling XML-based Data in Quantrix

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We have some complex XML files that we want to import into Quantrix and organize the data as input to further calculations in Quantrix. We have managed to import the XML file as 2D model with some issues (for some reason there are duplicates…, renamed items due to same items in different branches of XML…). Given that Quantrix model is hierarchical and based on XML file structure, it seems to me that there would be a natual link between the XML files and Quantrix models. Is there a “natural” link between elements and attributes in a XML file and categories and items in Quantrix?

For some reason we are not able to import the XML file as OLAP model. We seem to get only 1 row of data. Is there a limitation on importing XML files? Or, are we just being dunce? Thanks!

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There often is a natural fit between Quantrix analysis and XML based data. However, it does depend significantly on the type of data being represented in the XML file and how that file is structured.

If you ended up with one data row, it is possible that you did not identify any of the elements as Categories during the OLAP configuration part of the import? That would cause all of the data identified in the XML file to collapse to one dimension of data items.

If you’d like, please send us a sample of the XML you’d like to read in and some notes on what you are looking to do. We might be able to provide some more detailed thoughts based on that.

You can do that by posting here or sending email to [email:8wn9jl8h][/email:8wn9jl8h].


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