JVM Error possibly due to memory error

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I just installed Quantrix and it has problem starting up. I get an error message that says “The JVM could not be started. The main method may have thrown an exception.”

Prior to failed start up, I was able to start up the application until it crashedix crashed while opening a model that is just over 4MB in size. I guess it ran out of memory. The model uses more than 400MB of memory based on the Task Manager. So, I increased the memory setting in the application to 1.5 gig (I have 5 gig of memory in my machine.) and it took the entry. Now, Quantrix refused to start up and I can’t change the memory to something lower because I can’t start the application.

Does this require a new install? Thanks.




Thank you for your prompt response as always.

I am glad that you are thinking of “scaled-up” Quantrix in the next release. I am very excited about what Quantrix offers at this point except for scale-up issues that I am running into. Though I am new to Quantrix, I think I have the appreciation for what you guys are trying to do with Quantrix and see much promise in various applications. I actually see Quantrix to be very applicable to large-scale or data-intensive models where you need something more than what Exel or ACCESS can offer. So, I want to strongly encourage you to consider scaling up Quantrix. I will be looking for Quantrix’s roadmap for the next release. Thank you.

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