Axis legends in charts

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I haven’t find a way to automatically set the legend for chart axes, based upon category or item names, for example. That would be convenient for 2D scatter plots
I opted for inserting a text box manually as axis legend, but did not manage to create a label with a vertical orientation for the y-axis.
Is there some feature I am missing?


Hi Luca,

This is my work around to create vertical Y axis labels:
a) click the Draw button, select Edit Grid and change the grid size to 10 pixels to allow finer adjustment of a text box when snap to grid is on;
b) draw a text box next to the Y axis, amend the font size and apply other formatting such as bold (I used 16 and bold);
c) enter the text (to use a category description instead of static text, enter “{@Description}” where Description is the name of your category);
d) change the text box’s width and/or height so that it is wide enough to display just one character across and high enough to display the text in full vertically.

This work around is a little fiddly and may not work for all text but I have found it works for me (although I had to play around with the grid and font size).

Hope this is of some help.



Hello – Thanks for the post: We currently don’t have a way to set the labels on the Y Axis but it is a good suggestion. I have it logged in our database.