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We are evaluating using Quantrix for a very large financial model involving complex calculation of many charge codes. Our thinking is that the external inputs to the system would be in 1 model and each charge code would also be in separate models. Depending on how robust the linking feature across models, we will need to reconsider this approach. So, here are some questions, please…

(1) It seems that matrix cannot be copied from one model to another. Yes, No???
(2) Can categories be linked from model A to model B?
(3) Is there a limitation on the size of the matrix? (number of rows columns?)
(4) Is there a limit on the number of matrices in a model?

Thank you very much!



Hi Mike:

Thanks for the quick response.

I did manage to copy the matrix from one model to another. For some reason, there is a delay between and copy and paste. As you said, the links did not copy over so we have to addressed that somehow.

Thank you for the link on the system requirement.

I am sure I will have more questions.. Thanks.



Hello Evaluator – Thanks for your post:

1 – A matrix can be copied from one model to another. Right click on the matrix in the model browser and then select ‘copy’. Then in the new model, right click on an existing matrix and click ‘paste’.

2 – Categories cannot be specifically linked between models – that is, if you add an item in the ‘Year’ dimension in one model, it will not automatically add the item to other ‘Year’ dimensions residing in other models.

However, if the names of the categories are the same and the number of items is are the same between the models, the formulas will treat the categories as linked when calculating.

3 & 4 – There is not set limitation on the number of rows, columns or matrices in the model. It is only limited by the capabilities of your computer.

To process large models (> 5MM cells) you will need a powerful computer. I recommend a 3.0GHz processor and 1.5 GHz of Memory. Please review this knowledge base article to learn how to increase your computers memory allocation for Quantrix processing.


Hope this helps! Please post again if you need further assistance.