Adding Columns

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Ok, one problem that I have had recently is in adding one additional column, without replicating the drill down structure of the previous columns. For example:

Say that I have a row of data, with breakdown categories on the right side.

Report Type Report Type
Quarter Quarter

So Company, Report Type and Quarter are categories on the right side. Now, what if I need to add just one column at the very end?

If I add to the quarter category, then that column is repeated for every quarter. Likewise, if I added to Company, the other downstream categories would be replicated.

However, I just need only one column at the end (or beginning) without any repeating columns.

How can this be done? Thanks!


You can select an item, shift/select another item to restrict your selection, and then collapse and hide that restricted selection.

For example, in your sample model if you did not want to see “Trucks” in “Outerlink” you could select Trucks, hold the shift key and select Outerlink and then collapse that selection. Then you can choose View–>Hide Collapsed Items to hide them completely.

Let us know if that works.



Mike, Chris,

Thanks for your reply. Due to the fact that I need to display all relevant data on one sheet exported to Excel, I think Mike’s suggestion is doable as a work around.

However, the ‘hide empty’ command appies to all empty rows/columns in a matrix. Is there a way to specify hiding all empty cells in a specific category or item.

For example, I have attached a very simplified model of my issue, with Mike’s suggestion used as a solution. So in that model, I can hide all empties and it works. However, what if I needed to hide all empty cells in just the ‘rating’ column?

If this feature is not yet avaliable, I would like to request that it be considered for future editions.

Thank you.


You could also set up a separate “Rank” matrix, link the needed categories to that matrix and perform the rank calculation there.



Someone else may have a different angle on this, but as you discovered when you add a ‘Rank’ item to one dimension, it adds the item to all dimensions in a model.

There is nothing stopping you however from adding the rank item, and adding a formula that starts with

In CategoryName:Rank,

So that only the specific category is ranked, and then you could collapse empties from the Edit menu to hide the ‘blank’ rank items.




Thanks for your response. The purpose of the additional column would be to place a ranking, or some rating, for each region.

For example, if we calculated (separately) that each region had a certain credit quality, then I would want to place that data (as a single column) right next to the name of the region.

My problem comes from the fact that the categories on the right side of the matrix have so many subdivisions, that it is impossible to add just one column. So what I end up doing is cut&paste in Excel. Still, I was hoping for a more elegant solution within Quantrix.



Hi Numberpro – thanks for posting.

What is the purpose of your additional column? Are you looking for summations? Sometimes in these scenarios I add a summation matrix to capture this data.

Let me know if this doesn’t help or if you need additional information.