Naming Ranges in Excel

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Ok, I have a spreadsheet with 12 worksheet, each with 5 columns. In order for Quantrix to see the columns, I understand that I need to name each range. But that is a lot of typing (60 columns).

Is there a way to have Quantrix just read the name of the columns in the Excel spreadsheet? Or is there another way to automate this?

My tired fingers will thank you for any suggestions!


Hi Numberpro,

I don’t have any specific feedback on maintaining index’s between excel ranges – outside of the fact that it might be problematic. My inclination is that it sounds like you are in a need of converting these multiple spreadsheets into a database?

Maybe someone else out there has more experience than I in this Excel realm…?


Ok, I need some clarification on importing Excel sheets. I am using the ODBC driver to do this, and it is asking me for joins between the columns. Well, I am not used to thinking in terms of inner/outer joins for Excel sheets. Since I have been taking the Excel sheets and converting them to CSV format, the data in the Excel is structured the same. Can anyone offer any clarification on this? Just some general guidelines about manually setting the joins in Excel would be helpful.

Also, how does Quantrix handle Excel sheets with multiple worksheets? For example, I have a sheet that has six different work sheets for data covering 2000-2005. The data columns are the same, just different numbers for each year.



You could also write a quick VBA macro to do the job for you.


Ok, one solution that I found is to control click each worksheet, and then apply the names. However, is there a better solution native to Quantrix? Thanks.