Hire date – salary modeling

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I want to model a business where I hire certain people at certain times. Additionally I want to be able to compare up to 5 scenario.

So in excel scenarios were basically impossible without being a genious which I am not.

But in excel I did know how to set up an employee start date in one column and then not have their salary-cost start until that time in the calendar. How do I do this in Quantrix?


You guys are amazing, thanks. Lets see if this works.


Take a look at the attached example. This shows you how you might set up the “if” formula with both a Month and Year category.

I’ve used constrained input in the Start Date input matrix based on the “list” of items in the Month and Year categories, and have set up a separate matrix for Salary assumptions so that you can vary salary by year (note that the Year category is linked across from the main Schedule).



Thank you for the quick response. That is avery logical way to solve the question. However I may have put my self in a hole by setting up my catagories shown in the screen shot attached. I did this because several varibles change by year and YTD is important to me. Is there a way to keep the catagories the same as I have but create an “if” formulat like you did in the prior post?


Hello – Thank you for posting. Attached is a simple example of how you could approach this task. Hopefully it will get you started. If anyone else has a different approach please feel free to post.

If you have any other questions, please post again.