Mirrored categories in single matrix

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Is it possible to have a category ‘mirrored’ within one matrix so that it appears twice (or alternatively, can two categories within one matrix be linked so that they have the same items).


….A1 A2 A3 [A]


I can link categories between matrixes with ctrl-drag (but not within the same matrix). I can also copy a category, but it doesn’t link the old category, so that if I add items to the old category they don’t also add to the new.




I’ve just tried to tackle depreciation myself. The example in Quantrix’s IntegratedFinancials.model isn’t very flexible, as the depreciation periods for each asset class are hard-coded in the formulae on the Capex Worksheet.

It would be much more useful to have a fully parameterised model, where the depreciation periods are explicit assumptions. This would also allow for different accounting standards to be used, by treating them as different scenarios, as requested by LloydL in Oct 2006 in the “Quantrix Feature and Improvement Requests” thread.

The only I can see that stops the IntegratedFinancials approach being generalised is that it does not seem possible to set up recurrence relations with anything other than a hard-coded offset. (You can do [THIS-3], but not [THIS-Depreciation Periods:::], or even [THIS-(1+1)].)

You therefore have to work around this using indirect, as Andrew showed. It would be very helpful if a future release could allow calculated offsets in recurrence relations.

Cheers, Paul.

I don’t think you need to have a Year x Year triangular matrix to do this, though.

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