Simple Copy then Paste and Time

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Just got my new license installed with the latest version of Quantrix, hoping to find all sorts of improvements.

1. Well, then riddle me this. Why does a simple copy of a data cell, pop up little window and can take up to several seconds to complete? Did I turn on some fancy copy feature that really takes that long to complete?

2. It tooks me quite some time to figure out how to get the difference to two time expressions in simple hours and minutes. There does not seem to be a simple time diff function. Had to put together a time schedule for staff. Had a Start colum, say 9:00am, and an Stop column of say 1:00pm. How do I have another column that calculates the number of hours/minutes between those two times? How do I handle rolling over midnight or noon? How can I then sum up the numbers of hours. Careful setting of the format of the cells, guessing since the docs are rather limited, got me an answer, but it was not very straight forward. I did discover the Elapsed time custom format p188 in the book did help.

This new version feels faster or is that my imagination?

Thanks, Cal


Hi Cal,

In regards to Question 1, 2.1 – now in limited Beta (and a free upgrade for 2.0 users when released) will show good improvement in copy / paste performance.

Excellent feedback on the time format / function difficulties. I have noted this in our improvement database for future investigation and resolution.

We did make performance improvements with 2.0 – so hopefully it is not just your imagination!



I can second that comment from Mike on performance. We have been running a variety of different kinds of models in Quantrix here and it’s quite clear performance is way up. And somehow the user-interface feels snappier too, so that’s good aswell.