OLAP Analysis: Rolling Up Numbers

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Ok, say I have a database that lists product types, sales price, profit, and date of sale. Just as a simple example.

When I do an OLAP analysis, and only have the follow categories:
product type
sales price

And do *not* include the date of sales, how does Quantrix “roll up” the numbers? Does it just add up all the months of profit (plus or minus), and display that for every product type? When it does the roll up, is there a way for us to specify the method, like taking an average, etc? Thanks!



Thanks for the clarification! I misunderstood how that last step in the import process was to be used. Now that I get it, it will come in very handy!


One of the last DataLink screens is where you specify how you want your data summarized by the items specified in the import process(SUM, MAX, MIN, AVE etc). In this case since you are dropping the date, all of the data will be rolled up into the product type category (assuming you are specifying product type as a category, and the sales price and profit as items).

Lesson 8c in the Quick Guide may help you out. Take a look here: