Newbie: Lease vs. financing for cars

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Hi, I am new to Quantrix and are still just learning the very basics. I have to set up something quickly to compare leasing and financing (buy) a car for my boss. Have anyone done a model on this and are kind enough to share it with me? I don’t think I can learn Quantrix and produce this for him in the timeframe I am given, particularly when there are so many items to juggle with in a car lease situation.

I reside in Canada so a model with that taken into account is best but anything to start with will be helpful.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hello Kelina,

I have a model that may help you get started. It is set up to compare the costs of a lease versus a buy option, and to compare multiple vehicles.

While I am not sure of the specific variables concerned with vehicle purchases in Canada, this model does allow you to enter a sales tax rate and/or percentage of business use if this is a company vehicle.

I am sure you will be able to tailor the model to your individual needs.

Good luck!


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