Newbie: Lease vs. financing for cars

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Hi, I am new to Quantrix and are still just learning the very basics. I have to set up something quickly to compare leasing and financing (buy) a car for my boss. Have anyone done a model on this and are kind enough to share it with me? I don’t think I can learn Quantrix and produce this for him in the timeframe I am given, particularly when there are so many items to juggle with in a car lease situation.

I reside in Canada so a model with that taken into account is best but anything to start with will be helpful.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Kelina – Thanks for posting.

I haven’t done a model like this in the past – but here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Spend an hour or two with the first 7 lessons of our <a href=”″><strong>Quick Guide</strong></a>. It would be time well spent getting used to the Quantrix environment. Our <a href=””><strong>download page</strong></a> has a PDF copy of the user guide, and the first couple of chapters have some great introductory exercises to help you get started.

2. You can then get going with building your Quantrix model. If you need some specific help while you complete this task, feel free to post in the forum.

If anyone else has had more experience in building this type of model than I have, please post.

Good luck!



Hello Kelina,

I have a model that may help you get started. It is set up to compare the costs of a lease versus a buy option, and to compare multiple vehicles.

While I am not sure of the specific variables concerned with vehicle purchases in Canada, this model does allow you to enter a sales tax rate and/or percentage of business use if this is a company vehicle.

I am sure you will be able to tailor the model to your individual needs.

Good luck!