updateAllDataLinks() using QAPI

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I run Quantrix within an external context using the QAPI.external.QuantrixFactory.

Everything works as it should, but when I want to update my model calling “”updateAllDataLinks()”” I get the following Exception:

at Ow.a(Source:71)
at Ow.<init>(Source:47)
at Ow.a(Source:41)
at com.quantrix.datalink.core.source.jdbc.JDBC2DDataSource.getConnection(Source:60)
at com.quantrix.datalink.core.source.jdbc.JDBC2DDataSource.getResults(Source:115)
at com.quantrix.datalink.core.source.jdbc.JDBC2DDataSource.getData(Source:129)
at vS.a(Source:228)
at vS.a(Source:112)
at nN._updateAllDataLinks(Source:1361)

Thanks for any suggestions.


Hello – thank you for posting.

We are having a bit of trouble reproducing this in house. Would it be possible to email [email:2pmg08ff]support@quantrix.com[/email:2pmg08ff] a code snippet of your code for further analysis?

Thank you for your interest in Quantrix.