Calculating Rank

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Ok, say I have a list of 50 states, all ranked according to different metrics. Where each state’s rank changes from list to list.

What I need to do is this:

First, create a matrix with a list of all 50 states. Then, based on the name of the state, will look in each list, and add up the appropriate rank. For example:

Nevada is ranked 1,5,7,15 on four lists. The final matrix will look in each list and add up the above numbers. I have attached an example model (very simple). Is there a formula that can do this? Tks!


This is a lot easier if the data will allow you to link the state category across all the matrices.

As you can see in the attached model – if the states are linked then you can do a straight-forward formula to sum all the states ranks across the matrices.

Then I created a view to do a ASC or DESC sort of the summary view.


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