DataLink > ODBC Text Driver Issue & Workaround

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Greetings Forum Community:

In the Windows ‘Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC)’ you can install a ‘Microsoft Text Driver’ that will set up on ODBC connection to a directory of text files. Quantrix can use this connection to establish a DataLink with these text files.

Recently an issue was reported with the way the DataLink SQL builder interacts with the ODBC Text driver. Upon execution of the SQL statement, an error message appears giving an “Invalid bracketing of name” message.

The workaround is to access the ‘Tables’ DataLink tab and set an ‘Alias’ name for each table you are accessing. The alias name needs to be something that will not require a quote (no periods, commas or other special characters). Once this alias is set, your query should complete successfully.