2D Data Matrix: Data Extraction

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Let’s say that I have a 2 D matrix full of data. There are two things I might want to do with a column.

First, just extract all the data from a particular column and insert it into another column in another matrix, as is. No need for filtering or modification. What function do I use for that? I looked at sample models, but am still unclear on this. Do I use select?

Second, is there a way to extract the data, move it into a column of another category, and filter it at the same time? Such as sort, or filter out anything below an X value?

Thanks for any suggestions!



In regards to your first question, you might want to try a DataLink with a Two-dimensional Matrix Data. You can specify the 2D Matrix as your data source, and then specify the columns you want to target as categories and items.

As far as the import and filter at the same time, I don’t know of a good way to do that. You can accomplish Sorting and filtering on an existing column by right clicking on the item header and selecting the appropriate sort or filter choice from the context menu. Maybe that will be of use to you.

If anyone else has a different way to approach this, please feel free to post.