Automate DataLink Process

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Hello Guys

First of all thank you very much for all the favors. With your help I am able to make a simple plugin application “Hello World”.

Now I want to shift my track that leads to my goal. Actually I want to use Quantrix in my application. I want to populate quantrix from my database application.

My first step is to Automate Data Link process. From my database application I will select the SQL Server Data base table and I want to see this table in Quantrix as we do in DataLink.
It means my database application will populate the quantrix.

Can I have any good suggestions before start.
Can I call some pre-written functions that quantrix calls in DataLink Process.
Can some one guid me?



Dear Pete

You are great … you are really great. I have downloaded this attachment and with a little modifications in ODBC connection I have managed to run it. Now I can populate Quantrix Model with my own Database Queries. So the DataLink Automation is done. Thanks to you and your company.

Now my new task is to export the data from quantrix. I have already managed to export CSV/XLS format files.

Model model=arg0.getModel();
String path= “C:/abrar.xls”;
model.exportModelTo(path,QuantrixConstants.cExportExcel,true );

But I dont want to export to CSV/XLS I want to directly write back to database usign ODBC Connection.
Can you help me in this matter? Can you send me sample code for this as well.

Thanks and Regards

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