Automate DataLink Process

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Hello Guys

First of all thank you very much for all the favors. With your help I am able to make a simple plugin application “Hello World”.

Now I want to shift my track that leads to my goal. Actually I want to use Quantrix in my application. I want to populate quantrix from my database application.

My first step is to Automate Data Link process. From my database application I will select the SQL Server Data base table and I want to see this table in Quantrix as we do in DataLink.
It means my database application will populate the quantrix.

Can I have any good suggestions before start.
Can I call some pre-written functions that quantrix calls in DataLink Process.
Can some one guid me?



Just as a quick follow up – if you are looking to export this plugin make sure that in the ‘plugin.xml’ file the ‘build’ tab has the ‘jtds-1.2.jar’ file checked in the binary build section.


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