Automate DataLink Process

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Hello Guys

First of all thank you very much for all the favors. With your help I am able to make a simple plugin application “Hello World”.

Now I want to shift my track that leads to my goal. Actually I want to use Quantrix in my application. I want to populate quantrix from my database application.

My first step is to Automate Data Link process. From my database application I will select the SQL Server Data base table and I want to see this table in Quantrix as we do in DataLink.
It means my database application will populate the quantrix.

Can I have any good suggestions before start.
Can I call some pre-written functions that quantrix calls in DataLink Process.
Can some one guid me?



Great Abrar,

Attached to this post is a zipped “archive” of a demonstration plugin sample. This should give you a source of inspiration on how to implement an automatic data-import feature. Look closely at the SimpleOLAPLoader class which demonstrates how to configure a basic OLAP import from a result-set.

To import this code into your eclipse setup, perform the following steps from within Eclipse:

1) File -> Import…
2) Select Existing Projects into Workspace
3) Select “Select archive file:” radio button
3) Browse to the that you downloaded from this post
4) Ensure that the com.quantrix.plugin.demp.olap project is selected.
5) Click Finish

This should open the project in your Eclipse workspace. If you have the workspace configured for Quantrix plugins, everything should work.

The demo is hard-wired for demonstration purposes only to query against the Northwind database that comes with SQLServer. You will need to modify the code in to point to your database instance of Northwind.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this sample plugin includes the jTDS JDBC driver for SQLServer. This is the driver we recommend as it is free and seems to perform well. See [url:8mm8rv0b][/url:8mm8rv0b] for licensing information.

Feel free to post again if you have further questions!



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