Automate DataLink Process

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Hello Guys

First of all thank you very much for all the favors. With your help I am able to make a simple plugin application “Hello World”.

Now I want to shift my track that leads to my goal. Actually I want to use Quantrix in my application. I want to populate quantrix from my database application.

My first step is to Automate Data Link process. From my database application I will select the SQL Server Data base table and I want to see this table in Quantrix as we do in DataLink.
It means my database application will populate the quantrix.

Can I have any good suggestions before start.
Can I call some pre-written functions that quantrix calls in DataLink Process.
Can some one guid me?



Dear Peter

Thank you very much for you help.Your answer is absoultely perfect (on target ) But I want in more details.You described two following methods

1) You can create a table in the model using the Model.createMatrix() and manually build the matrix to receive the data. Then you could iterate over the cells in the matrix and pull the data from the ResultSet into the matrix using a CellCursor.

2) You can implement the IDataGrid interface wrapping your ResultSet and pass that to the Model.importData() method which takes an IDataGrid and a Map defining all of the parameters necessary to do either a two dimensional import or an OLAP import.

In my case I am using MS SQL Server and my application decides on run time that which database to be used and which table to be populated in quantrix.

Can you let me know which method of the perfect on and easy as well to implement. Can you give me some code samples.

Thanks and Regards


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