How Can I integrate Quantrix with my existing business systems

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I want to use Quantrix as Financial Data Modeler in my Data Ware House Application.
My target is to Pull data in Quantrix from different Data Marts and after modeling Push it into another Grand Database.

Q1> Is Quantrix a right choice for this?
Q2> Quantrix API are enough stronger to support Pull and Push operations in case of Database
Q3> From where should I start(starting point from programmers point of view)?



Hi Abrar,

I’m afraid I am not the person to answer specific questions about how to use QAPI. However, if you have populated a model in Quantrix, through DataLink or otherwise, you can use table views to organize the contents of a matrix or matrices into a the format needed for data import into your data warehouse, and then export the table view(s) to CSV files (File –> Export ), which can then be imported by the source database. You may have already tried this…

QAPI could be used to further automate this process, or to output data from a Quantrix model using other techniques.

Someone else should shortly be able to give you a few more pointers on use of QAPI. Hope this helps in the mean time.



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