Automate DataLink Process Using APIs

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I have Quantrix Modeler 2.002.4X. I want to automate the process of DataLink. I have following questions.

Q1> I Loaded My Access Data Base Table in Quantrix But how can I can I save my record back to database after updating in Quantrix.

Q2>Can I create new fields in database table from Quantrix.

Q3>Can I update my existing database from Quantrix to Database and vise versa.

Q4>How to use APIs, any Hello world toturial?

If any one please provide me the starting point I will be thankfull.
Thanks in Advance



I think I had this problem when I was trying this out. I found that if I copied and pasted from the PDF to eclipse the VM Arguments line (–Xss2M…) the paste put something in the line it didn’t like. The line looked OK but Quantrix would not run in Eclipse.

I just ended up clearing the vmarguments line and just retyping the arguments from the keyboard & then Quantrix loaded OK from Eclipse.


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