Automate DataLink Process Using APIs

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I have Quantrix Modeler 2.002.4X. I want to automate the process of DataLink. I have following questions.

Q1> I Loaded My Access Data Base Table in Quantrix But how can I can I save my record back to database after updating in Quantrix.

Q2>Can I create new fields in database table from Quantrix.

Q3>Can I update my existing database from Quantrix to Database and vise versa.

Q4>How to use APIs, any Hello world toturial?

If any one please provide me the starting point I will be thankfull.
Thanks in Advance



Thanks for your excellent suggestion Luca. CTRL-SHIFT-O is an Eclipse keyboard shortcut to add the appropriate import statements to the java file. I have updated the PDF and posted to the download page of the website.


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