Automate DataLink Process Using APIs

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I have Quantrix Modeler 2.002.4X. I want to automate the process of DataLink. I have following questions.

Q1> I Loaded My Access Data Base Table in Quantrix But how can I can I save my record back to database after updating in Quantrix.

Q2>Can I create new fields in database table from Quantrix.

Q3>Can I update my existing database from Quantrix to Database and vise versa.

Q4>How to use APIs, any Hello world toturial?

If any one please provide me the starting point I will be thankfull.
Thanks in Advance



Hi GreatAbrar,
good to know that you are an experienced Java programmer. I am not, and had to step over several stumbling blocks before having QAPI working. The main source of problems was my attempt to “tweak” eclipse configuration adding references to Quantrix jars manually. If QAPI plugin development is properly configured, you don’t have to touch anything in Project Properties in order to use QAPI. You have to add jars to java build path only if you use external libraries (eg, in another plugin I did it in order to use dom4j).
Eclipse 3.1.1 is the same version I use.

The steps for importing the simple project I enclosed to the previous message into Eclipse are the following:

0a. Configure Eclipse to build Quantrix Plugins via QAPI as from Pete Murray’s note (I enclosed it in the attachment to my previous message);

0b. unzip file “” (also in in a temporary directory

1. In Eclipse, create a new Java project:
– File | New | Project
– select “Java Project” from the dialog, then click Next
– assign to the project the name “it.unitn.luca.function” (any other name should be OK)
– an empty project is enough, so leave other choices to their default values and click Finish

2. Import existing source into eclipse
– File | Import
– select “File system” from the dialog, then click Next
– in the “from directory” text box , select the directory “it.unitn.luca.function” browsing to the temp dir where you unzipped it
– in the directory tree immediately below, on the left, check “it.unitn.luca.function”
– click Finish

3. Run Quantrix in debug mode from Eclipse
– Run | Debug
– in the “Configuration” tree at the left, select the configuration that should have been created in step 0a
– click Debug (it should launch an empty model in Quantrix)

4. test add14() function in Quantrix
– add two column items (A2 and A3)
– input any two numbers in A1 and A2
– create the formula: “A3 = add14(A1,A2)
it should return A1 + A2 + 14

Hope this helps. If you have it running, than you should import and have a look at the more significant plugins that are available from Quantrix site. You are familiar with Java event programming and Swing, so you will be much more proficient than I am with QAPI actions.


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