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Ok, I have a chart where there are two categories on the right. The name of both catagories are included in the data series label, and I would like just the name of the bottom catagory to be used. Is there a way? Tks.



Hey Carl,

You will need to turn the labels on the X Axis 90 degrees. First, select the point on the graph where the X and Y axis meet. Then select the other end of the X axis. You will get 2 circles on each end of the axis when it is successfully selected.

Click the ‘Format’ button at the top of the chart view, and click the ‘Chart Axis’ tab. On this screen you will see a setting to change the Label Rotation of the labels on the axis.

Not quite sure if I understand your second question, but if you move the Index Value category to the filter tray, and then select the Index Value Item that represents the Rank (I am thinking this is the NAR item?) you will just get the cities with Rank data in the chart. Please see attached.

Please post again if that doesn’t help.


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