Ranking Function

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I am hoping to create a small table of rank:

Great 10+
Very Good 7-10
Good 4-7
Fair 1-4
Flat -1 to 1
Weak -1 to -4


Then, I would like to create a function that that looks at a large file, 70K lines, it will look at a column of data and assign the above ranking based on the numeric values. In Excel, I might attempt this with IF-Then statements, but is there an easier way with Quantrix? Tks.



Hi Carl – Thanks for posting:

Quantrix uses the similar IF / THEN logic for ranking. There are a couple of sample model files located on our template page ([url:1oi4c75t]http://www.quantrix.com/r-info-4-17[/url:1oi4c75t]) that involve ranking that should help you get started. Here are the direct links to the models:



The models are a good illustration however of how one formula can do the work of many cells.