Quantrix Tip – Extend Quantrix Functionality with Plug-ins

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Hello Forum Community:

Periodically we receive questions asking if Quantrix has ‘plug-in’ functionality. Via the Quantrix Application Programming Interface (QAPI), users can build plug-ins to integrate new custom functionality into the Quantrix application.

Quantrix has built four demonstration plug-ins that you can install into your current application. They include:

<b>Stock Market Data Plug-in</b> – The Stock Market Data plug-in will provide a function to update your Quantrix model with current stock market pricing information.
<b>Multi View Plug-in</b> – The Multi View Plug-in allows you to save in a perspective the way your matrices and views are arranged on the screen. You can have multiple perspectives saved for each model.
<b>Number Format Plug-in</b> – The Number Format Plug-in creates a drop down menu in the toolbar where you can apply common number formats to selected items and cells.
<b>Calculator Plug-in</b> – The Calculator Plug-in will automatically sum all the selected cells in a matrix.

You can find links to download the plugin files and installation instructions at this URL.


To get started in QAPI, you can download the necessary starter files on our download page at this URL:




I’m using this formula:

In Stock Data, symbols=mkt(@symbols,@Items)

to create a table of stock prices. The problem I’m having is that the sucked-in Items are not posted on the correct line matching the stated symbols.

Am I missing something? … Is there a bug?


I am using a progressbar in my application which is started in separate thread and progress updated by main thread. I am presently using JWindow has component holder because when I use JFrame..it change4s the look of Quantrix software. I also tried using JDialog but in that case my main thread process halts untill I exit dialog box.

Please let me know the right component to be used as main component holder.