Sharing Models


Ok, here is an interesting question.

I would like to share a model with someone who will incorporate them into a powerpoint presentation. But this person does not have Quantrix. Is there a way for me to share the model, keep the dynamic filtering capabilities, and have him use it in his powerpoints? Tks.



One can use Dynamic Linking (Edit > Copy View in Quantrix, Paste > Paste Special in PowerPoint) to link a Quantrix chart / matrix from Quantrix to PowerPoint. However, if you sent the PowerPoint file to another user, that user would need Quantrix to open and manipulate any Quantrix filtering.

You can also experiment with File > Export to HTML. This will create an HTML file of the Quantrix Model that can be read by a web browser. This web presentation gives the user the slice and dice capabilities of the Quantrix presentation.

Have your other party download the 30 day trial and give it a spin at:


They might find it useful to get a copy for themselves! We offer standard and professional edition pricing so there may be a product version to suit their needs.