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First, let me thank Mike for being so helpful in the past about my newbie questions. And here is another one :-).

I have a table like this:

Vegas Chicago Boston
1980 10 20 30
1981 12 23 40

etc. to 1997. Ok, so I created a chart view, with “Cities” as a filter. However, when I filter it, the legend on the right only say “Data” How can I get it to display the name of the city? Tks.



Hi Carl – Thanks for posting:

You can utilize something called ‘Expressions’ to make your charts more dynamic.

In the attached model file, I added a text annotation on the canvas and entered this line:

{@City} Sales

The {@City} calls on the current item name being displayed on the filter view and place the text on the chart canvas. Then the word ‘sales’ follows. Download and open up the attached model file to see the example.

In the Quantrix Help System (Help > Search) search for the term “Expressions” to get more helpful information on using Expressions in your models.

Please post again if we can help you further.