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OK, another basic question: how do I create a chart view, but leave out some columns?

For example, I have some columns that are numbers, but others are text. Obviously, I want to just graph the numberical columns. If I collapse certain columns, I can’t get a chart. But I don’t want to give users the option of selecting a text column (in filter view).




Hi Carl,

As you have discovered, items do not keep their collapsed state when the category is in the filter tray. We have had this change request before from other users, and I have added your vote to this feature in our database.

As far as a workaround – you could create a new matrix, link over appropriate categories and then write formulas to bring over the data to the new matrix that excludes the text fields. Not sure if this workaround is applicable in your case, but worth a look perhaps. I have attached a simple model file for review.

I will keep the forum community posted on any new developments on this enhancement request.