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Hello all!

First, let me say that I am really impressed with quantrix. I am trying to convince my department to purchase this software for us because we do a lot of data analysis.

As a beginner, I am having trouble with importing text files. They are in database format:

year quarter Price1 Price2 Price3 Price4 Price5
1998 Q1 10 15 25 16 18


First, when I try to import this for OLAP format, I get this error message that I don’t understand. Maybe it is because I have selected all columns as catagories?

Second, if I import it as 2D matrix, then I can’t seem to add new items (like a calculated field). It won’t let me add new line items.

Is there a detailed tutorial on importing this type of data. I have read the user guide and still confused.




Hello – Thanks for your post & thanks for the compliments.

The error you are most likely experiencing is what we call an OOM (out of memory). Calling all your columns categories will create a large sparse matrix and quickly exceed your computers memory limits.

Based on the structure of the incoming data, you will have a better go of it if you call Year and Quarter column ‘categories’, and the price columns ‘items’.

I am not sure why you cannot add items after the 2D import. Maybe you can post or email an example model file showing this behavior if you would us to investigate further.

We have some additional resources on our web site dedicated to importing data via DataLink.

Modeler Note: Using a Database to perform a sales analysis

Quick Guide Tutorial: Introduction to DataLink

These two resources should give you a better understanding of the DataLink functionality in Quantrix.

Please post again if you need further assistance.


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