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Greetings Forum Community,

What improvements and new features would you like to see in future versions of Quantrix? User feedback is an important piece of our product planning. Use this thread to let us know what we do well, what we can do a better job at and the new features you would like to see in the Quantrix application.



S A U Changed status to publish October 30, 2018

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your questions. It is possible using roles and permissions to lock ranges of cells specified by items. For example in the permissions tool pane, switch to user and unfold “Allow Interactions” and “Edit Input Cells”. You can then deselect the Matrix. You can then specify particular cells that a user can edit by clicking on a row or column. You will see a check box appear at the bottom of the permissions tool pane that says “Allow cell edit: <range>”. You check that button to allow edits of those cells.

When the user logs into the model as a User, they will only be able to edit those cells.

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