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What improvements and new features would you like to see in future versions of Quantrix? User feedback is an important piece of our product planning. Use this thread to let us know what we do well, what we can do a better job at and the new features you would like to see in the Quantrix application.



S A U Changed status to publish October 30, 2018

One thing I just noticed about DataLinks:

When you have two items with the same name, in different groups, e.g.:

Group = New Stores
Item = Store Count

Group = Existing Stores
Item = Store Count

In this situation, the DataLink lists the second item (“store count”) as “Store Count 1”. I was using DataLinks to connect to matrices together, however in this case you can’t do it because Quantrix renames the second item rather than fully qualifying it with the group name.

BTW, the reason I would do a DataLink between two matrices is because I want to present the database value, but still alow the user to override it. The only way to do this is to use DataLinks. Unfortunately, the way Quantrix deals with the same name problem prevents me from using DataLinks to achieve my desired functionality.

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