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Greetings Forum Community,

What improvements and new features would you like to see in future versions of Quantrix? User feedback is an important piece of our product planning. Use this thread to let us know what we do well, what we can do a better job at and the new features you would like to see in the Quantrix application.



S A U Changed status to publish October 30, 2018

Quantrix has done an admirable job at replicating most Excel keyboard shortcuts; however there are a few missing which would make a difference for those of us who are extreme keyboard-only users:

[b:wfnk3f7i]ALT-Down Arrow [/b:wfnk3f7i]to open a drop-down (e.g. contrained input cells); you’d need a different key combination because this is already used for another task in Quantrix.

[b:wfnk3f7i]Complete shortcut letters on menus[/b:wfnk3f7i] – some menu items are missing the underlined letter that allows them to be accessed without using the arrow keys; e.g., under the File menu, Import and Export have no shortcut letter.

[b:wfnk3f7i]CTRL-Space, SHIFT-Space[/b:wfnk3f7i] for selecting an entire item row or column. Hitting these repeatedly would select up the grouping hierarchy.

Add a [b:wfnk3f7i]Windows[/b:wfnk3f7i] menu for cycling through the open models (currently they seem to be treated as separate instances of the application, which perhaps is a compatibility thing for non-Windows versions?) If this were implemented, then you could use the familiar CTRL-TAB to cycle through the models (like Excel worksheets).

Add keyboard shortcuts for [b:wfnk3f7i] accessing the Model Browser[/b:wfnk3f7i] and [b:wfnk3f7i]moving to the formula pane[/b:wfnk3f7i].

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