Charts and Error Bars

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I am looking for a way to create Line and Bar charts with error bars.

Although error bars are not currently supported directly – Combination (2D) charts allow you to specify a different chart type for each chart series (e.g. a bar chart overlayed with a line chart).

One particular problem I have encountered is with the line charts. I cannot set the line chart to only display the symbol but hide the line. Setting the line style to <None> masks both the line and the symbol. Also, the color property for the Line and Fill are linked – change one and you change the other, preventing you from independantly setting the color of the symbols and lines.

Q: Has anyone had success using this approach or another to simulate error bars?

Q: Is there any prospect of introducing a Box and Whisker chart type in a future release?

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Hi Scott – Thanks for posting:

You have some very good points regarding the charting functionality. I don’t have any other work-arounds at the moment – but please know that I have logged your feedback in our database for consideration in future releases.

If others have run into similar situations – please post your experiences here.