Working on a cash flow model

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Im working on a cash flow model using Quantrix, but im having trouble when i try to aggregate different groups of income (Credit Card, Check, Money..) and groups of expenses (salaries, operational costs..)

my question is, can i model something like:

…………/ Visa
Income- Check

………………………./ Mary
……………/Salaries- John
……………Operational Costs

Meaning that i would have 3 subcategories on the same Matrix.

is that possible? how can i do it?

thank you in advance,


Certainly – You can select the rows (items) you don’t want to see, right-click and choose collapse from the menu.

You can also hide your collapsed items completely by choosing View > Hide Collapsed items from the menu.

Hope this helps!



Mike – Thank you, that is what i was looking for. is there a way to hide some rows though? because say i have 1000 different rows, but i just wanna see the totals for the primary group (income, expenses) and secondary..

@ Steven – I am Brazilian and my model is in portuguese, so it might be hard for you to take a look at it…

However I’d be glad to exchange informations, and I would really appreciate if I could take a look at your model.

My e-mail is

Thank you



If you would like to send me the model I can take a look at it as well. I have built a fully integrated financial statement model so if what your doing is similiar, I would be happy to share it or just make some modifications to yours.



Here is the file:


Hello Filippo – Thank you for posting:

I think if you use ‘Groups’ and the Outline View you will get what you want.

Please see the attached model. You will note that ‘Income’ and ‘Expenses’ are the two top level groups. And Salaries are a sub-level group under expenses.

I hope this helps! Please post again if further assistance is needed.