Unable to import correctly

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I am trying to import this file, but strange things happen.

Some numbers import correctly others get strangely changed without much sense. It doesn’t matter whether I import it into an existing matric or one created before.

I seems that if there is a larger number it gets messed up.

Is my text file wrong, or is there something that I ommited.

The first two variables are categories and the third one is item. (columnwise).

Could someone please have a look at it, import the file and check whether the imported variables match the ones in the file ? The errors are in the beginning so no long check is needed




This file appears to be in a fixed-width field format. Quantrix only handles delimited formats – such as CSV (Comma Separated Values) or Tab delimited.

However, I was able to import this particular file through the DataLink facility by selecting “Space” as the delimiter and checking the “Coalesce consecutive delimiters” checkbox. Please note that this will not work if there are spaces in the fields themselves.

The best bet is to export the data in CSV or another delimited format.

Here are the steps I used to import it into the 2.0 BETA release:

1) Tools->DataLink->Create DataLink
2) Select Delimited Text File & Next
3) Select the 01a.txt file & Next
4) Select “Space” for a field delimiter and “Coalesce consecutive delimiters” & Next
5) Do nothing on the data-types page & Next
6) You should see a 5 column import with the proper columns etc & Next
7)Select Multi-dimensional OLAP Analysis & Next
8) Select Create a new matrix & Next
9) De-select the first, blank column and the last, blank column with the checkbox on the left
10) Set Stredisko & Cislo to categories & Next
11) Optionally format the numbers in this column – I left them as the default & Next
12) Leave Castka as Sum & Next
13) Finish

I’ve attached the file for your reference.

Please feel free to post again if these steps do not work for you.


peter m. murray