Quantrix Major Release: Version 2018.1

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[b:29nfymuo]Product Release Notification[/b:29nfymuo]

On Thursday 21 September, Quantrix made available 2 new software releases for Quantrix Modeler and Quantrix Qloud. These Major releases contain new functionality and high priority fixes and are available immediately for all customers with an active subscription.

Additionally, Quantrix has announced the ability to host Enterprise Qloud installations for new and existing customers through a "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS) deployment model. If you are interested in learning more about this new offering, please contact customerservice@quantrix.com.

This release of Quantrix begins a new release naming convention: 18.1.0 is the version after 6.4.4, and future releases will be named per the new convention: 18.2.0, 19.1.0, 19.2.0, etc.

[b:29nfymuo]What’s in this update?[/b:29nfymuo]

Modeler has a new feature called Category Item Generation that allows you to configure and automatically generate items for a category in a matrix (QM-20727).

Modeler has a new Solver feature that lets you identify a cell for which to optimize results based on Input Ranges and Constraints, using Linear, Smooth Nonlinear or Evolutionary algorithms (QM-21923).

For usability, Modeler auto-complete has been added for expressions within filters, conditional formatting, chart labels and descriptors (QM-19873, F0071809).

For usability, the Formula Editor in Modeler now shows auto-complete suggestions (including structural components such as matrices, groups and items, categories, functions and recursion keywords), as you type in a formula, or when you press Ctrl+Space (QM-19868), and you can now use the TAB key to insert tabs in a formula line to indent if desired (QM-7734).

Constrain Input includes a new Value type, Dynamic List, that allows you to construct a constraint using a Range, a Select or an Expression (QM-21854).

Qloud now supports creating and using multi-column sort: as you select and apply sort choices, Qloud applies the appropriate sort icons to the columns. (QWC-2533).

Qloud now includes Expand All in the right-click context menu for items you have selected: use this to ensure that any selected, collapsed material is expanded (QWC-2751).

Qloud now supports an improved type-ahead feature similar to Modeler, when there is a drop-down list for a constrained input cell (QWC-2501).

Enterprise Qloud Administrators users now have a Status page that shows the Qloud version as well as the versions of Quantrix Modeler with which the Qloud version is compatible (QWC-2722).

Enterprise Qloud users can now share with groups of users provided groups are set up by an Administrator (QWC-2935).

You can read the full modeler release notes here:

[url] https://www.quantrix.com/help_resources … tes_QM.htm

And you can read the full Qloud release notes here:


We recommend taking this update as soon as practical. To update Quantrix Modeler, please choose Help > Update Quantrix from the application menu.

If you have any technical questions feel free to contact support@quantrix.com. General inquires can be sent to customerservice@quantrix.com.

Thank you for your support of Quantrix.