#Size Error while using Select Function

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I would be grateful if you could help me resolve Select function issue.
In the attached model. I have 3 matrices. Matrix:FY16 report has data for FY16 and Matrix: FY17 Report has data for FY17. Also, Categories Type and Month are linked were as the other categories are not linked as they have different items Y-over-Y.

I am trying to pull the data, from both the matrices, into consolidated report matrix using Select function. In doing so, I get a “#Size”. How do I solve this issue?

Formula Used: Month=switch(@FY="FY16",select(FY16 Report::LineItem,and(@FY16 Report::LineItem,@FY16 Report::Department),and(@LineItem,@Department)),@FY="FY17",SELECT(FY17 Report::LineItem,and(@FY17 Report::LineItem,@FY17 Report::Department),and(@LineItem,@Department),"No Value"))


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These formulas should get you what you seek:
FY16 = FY16 Report::FY16
using FY16 Report::LineItem as LineItem
, FY16 Report::Department as Department
FY17 = FY16 Report::FY17
using FY16 Report::LineItem as LineItem
, FY16 Report::Department as Department

These can be added to the consolidated report Matrix.  Unaware of your structure constraints and datasource I’d suggest that even my solution is not scalable and optimal Quantrix model building.
Having a single matrix for your “FY XX Report” would be best and having proper symmetry among all your categories: Line Item, Department would leverage the power of Quantrix.

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