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I’m Baaack!!!. Well, I never really left but didn’t post much for a few years now (maybe eight?).

I have been using SELECT and SELECT with Flying Keys (see long ago post) for a long time. Of late, I have had the need to have multiple lookup values. So to have this functionality in Quantrix truly opens some doors.

How it works: If you a familiar with SELECT, you will recognize that the lookup value is only finding matches with the value list/key list pairs. So if the lookup value is A, SELECT will return all the values where the key list is equal to A. What if you wanted to return all the values where the key list is equal to A and B. This is where SELECTLIST comes in. The lookup value is now a list.

In the attached model, I show how that lookup list can have many values. whip the dependency inspector on those answer cells and you can see the full lists.
The practical application for this is creating a model where an item can be configured to have many different components (or items from another category) and then add up all the costs in a single formula.

Test case 4 is pretty cool, ah?

By the way, a SELECTLIST with a single lookup value (test case 1) is the same as SELECT. I just might just use SELECTLIST for all my future SELECTing needs.

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Sorry Rich, missed the part A nuance. Disregard the prior comment.

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