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I am trying to get the list of jobcodes on Budget tab to the Developer View Summary.
I wrote the code Jobcodes= (#Budget::Job Codes).
I am able to transfer all the Jobcodes to the Developer View but I get #Bound Error .
How do I resolve this??



I looked over your model. I am not sure what you mean by transferring all the job codes to the Developer View Summary matrix. I see you have a category called Jobcodes that appears to be a list of all the various codes.

The # function only works on categories. What this function does is tell you the index number of an item within a category. For example, in you category of Jobcodes in the Developer View Summary, COR-GER-001 would be item #1, Sys-Data1 would be item #2 and so forth. This function doesn’t seem to be of particular use with your model.

To get a complete list of Jobcodes from a data source, I would create a Jobcodes attributes matrix, do a DataLink to the data source (which can be a matrix within a model not just an external data source) and select only the Jobcodes field. Set the Jobcodes field to be a category and presto, you have a category containing all the Jobcodes that are in the data. Each time you update the Jobcodes matrix DataLink, you will get the latest list.

I hope that helps.

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