Alpha Numeral Generating Code

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In the attached model, I am trying to create an automatic Alpha Numeral Job code matrix Budget.
The Alpha numeral consist of 1st three letters of department- 1st three letter of project and then a number.
The number for different months starts with 1 again how can I have a continuation of the number from the previous month for e.g for department System and Project name System :Datacenter the Jobcode ends with Sys-Data4. [u:1di9439x]I want the jobcode for November to start from Sys-Data5[/u:1di9439x].

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In your formula, replace the Value(@Row) with #Month:Row.

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See the Quantrix team’s explanation of this subject here:
Quantrix Ordering and Retrieving Conventions

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Awesome! This works.
But could you please explain whats happening? what does #Month:Row do?
I # returns the position of the item.