Multiple Selection of Categories

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In matrix2. For category item how can I select E5 and E4 simultaneously.


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The filter capabilities that you describe don’t quite work the same way in Quantrix as they do in Excel. Perhaps this video Episode 190 of the Quantrix Authority ( will give you some direction on how to accomplish what you desire. This demonstrates how robust Quantrix can be as compared to that lesser program.


Awesome, ShriShank.
At first you posted this topic in the Formulas and Functions section of the forum. And then you say that your question doesn’t concern formulas.

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Thanks for the reply. What I meant was from the dropdown menu can I select E4 AND E5 simultaneously. As is possible in excel.
Do I need to use a canvas for doing this??


If I understand you correctly, try this formula in Matrix2:

  • : = Join(Select(@Item, OR(@Item = “E5”, @Item = “E4”), 1), “, “)
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